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Weekly20 Summer Edition!

This is a special series of  different trainings that will be given each week. These trainings are sequential, therefore, it is crucial that you attend all of them. It's no secret that the summer months bring a little slowdown in everyone's business. With the kids out of school, vacations planned, it can be easy to get distracted and put your LoveBiome business "on hold". It has been our experience that those who plant seeds in the summer, reap the rewards come fall. And this fall is going to be EXTRA IMPACTFUL with our Fall Regionals. The tools and information you receive there is going to TRANSFORM your business.

Module 1: Mastering the LoveBiome Message

 The LoveBiome message is universal, our business approach must be simple and targeted.

Module 2:  The LoveBiome Product Vision

 LoveBiome's vision to dominate the Era of the Microbiome.

Module 3: Sharing PhytoPower

The ultimate tutorial of the most comprehensive product on the market.

Module 4: Sharing Next Beverages

 The ultimate tutorial of Balance and Detox

Module 5: Postbiotic Body Soufflé.....

 The ultimate tutorial of our first postbiotic product. 

Module 6: Targeted Probiotics

 Learn about our New Targeted PhytoPower Blends

W for Weight, E for Energy, C for Calm + Stress management and    B for Blocking of Sugar.

Not just Probiotics, but TARGETED PROBIOTICS !!!

Module 7: PhytoPower W

More information about PhytoPower W

Module 8: PhytoPower C

 Coming week 36

Module 9: PhytoPower E

 Learn more about this exciting New Energy Product!

Download Pres "Phytopower E"

Module 10: PhytoPower B

 Coming week 39

PhytoPower I


PhytoPower T


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