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  • Who We Are

    Part 1: Introduction

    What is the LoveBiome opportunity? Watch our Founder and CEO, Kelly Olsen, introduce LoveBiome and what it means to you as one of our Members. 

    Part 2: Our Origins

    LoveBiome was formed like a phoenix rising from the ashes! Learn more about its origin in this video from Kelly Olsen.

    Part 3: Guiding Principles

    Learn from Kelly about the two concepts that drive our passion at LoveBiome.

    Part 4: Conclusion

    The opportunity at LoveBiome is huge as the Era of the Microbiome is just at its infancy. LoveBiome is poised to be the leader at the dawn of this exciting new era.

    What We Do

    Part 1: Introduction

    Watch as Adam Olsen, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, walks you through an introduction to what we do at LoveBiome and why it is so important for your overall health.

    Part 2: Microbiomes 101

    Watch as Adam gives you a brief introduction to what microbiomes are and why they are so important to our health.

    Part 3: Pre, Pro, & Postbiotics

    Watch as Adam explains the difference between pre, pro, and postbiotics and why they are important to our product strategy at LoveBiome.

    Part 4: Introduction to LoveBiome Products

    Watch Adam introduce you to our wonderful lineup of products for your microbiome.

    Where We Are

    Part 1: Introduction

    LoveBiome is an international business. Watch as Cody Day explains why this is so important to our business.

    Part 2: Our Global Strategy

    Watch as Cody Day explains what our global strategy is in this brief, but powerful video

    Part 3: Why Global Expansion Matters

    Watch as Cody explains how global expansion benefits you in a big way.

    How You Earn

    Part 1: Core Comp Plan Principals

    LoveBiome has the best compensation plan in the industry. In this segment, watch Shon teach you about the 8 principles that form the base of LoveBiome’s Compensation Plan. 

    Part 2: Our Corporate Foundation

    Learn from Shon about the 3 separate components of LoveBiome’s Compensation Plan: LoveCash, LoveIncome, and LoveBest.


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